Puppy buyer etiquette


Stop looking puppy

Normally, this is a common mistake that almost everyone makes an ordinary puppy buyer.After all, you’re thinking, “I want a puppy “…And then the best is to look at the puppy and the breeder that meets your expectations raised.When you find a better puppy wait a few months, maybe even years.Ask him for recommendations.Start to interact with the breeder.And only then buy or order a puppy.

Waiting period

Very rare cases, the puppy will have to wait only a few months.4-6 Months waiting puppy is completely normal time period.Puppies are looking forward to all of us.And the waiting brings joy to all families.What is or what he (she) will be?Whose friend? And so on…

Proper Profile

Writing a letter be sure to clearly organize your thoughts on three important things.Why did you choose this breed that are ready to grow an active Australian Shepherd dog, why you chose this kennel.Always write your plans and what you plan to run your life with the purchased puppy.If you do not intend to exercise, and tell the way, do not deceive yourself from the very first days.Because you can go to work, and active dog will be closed at home, tearing the walls, furniture and so on.The price can be asked if, after the first letter of breeders interested in you.And it is advisable to write the second letter in the back.Possible interest around the existing prices in other breeding centers, but it is very important to consider why this kennel keeps the price.Perhaps influenced (fertilization method of surviving pups number of Caesarean section, famous parents).

Possible negative response

Not everyone is suitable for one or another breed.Particularly active.It is simply indisputable truth.It is better to find out what expectations you would like to meet a dream dog.And then look for Started.Because often people hear (good, gentle, many do not work with it, etc.).Be honest with yourself and your puppy, unreserved with several breeders immediately.

Please do not expect to choose a puppy

This strict rule drives all puppy buyers in mind.But we are chosen puppies, by the way, temperament, type of activity and so on.Everyone imagines that chose the baby, but the rules remain rules.The most important responsibility of the breeder against small pet with spent so much time, and generate must be dedicated and give strangers.Even if you have written last, but does not mean that you will go to the worst puppy.It may be that you have to get a perfect puppy.If you have purchased the puppy of your dreams, that soon it will become a wise and graceful creature, which will require considerable time and effort to develop.