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I am Lina. The life without the wonderful animal – a dog that Australian Shepherd now can not imagine. And everything is and has been started from the children’s dreams.

The first stimulus towards pedigree dog took place in 2012. Then good Czech kennel chose blue merle Australian Shepherd bitch. Which has grown into a wonderful character, temperament, excellent type Australian Shepherd bitch. She is a playful, energetic just which is needed every Australian Shepherd.


And with the Medi, we started from a very young age to visit the exhibitions. Which it unfold, to shine, because the feeling that she likes to do.

It just shows bloomers – because felt around on her and then used to get a lot of prize positions. Medi has good intuition – it just felt that something will happen soon immediately. Before the dog show, before the trip.

Shows then became our family hobby. In addition to the already own free time I have no idea.

Interested in further Australian Shepherds unexpectedly shows Met-known breeder of Latvia, from Sentikki. Communicating with her in our homes visited another happiness – Australian Shepherd Heillo. She was tiny, agile, with an endless smile on her face, which and stayed up to now.

Finally, I would very much like to say thank you my husband, Romas, who agreed my dream and was always there when I needed it. Thank him for all along lived crazy and often dangerous trip, for all searches and waiting together, generating high quality puppies. A sincere thank you to all those who in one way or another contributed to our dreams come true.

Why “Liepų laumės”?

Fairies as creatures have been portrayed beautiful, attractive, maternal. Most of them depicted sitting or swing on the trees. By the way, our kennel is not located anywhere, and among the many lime.

Australian Shepherd and our kennel “Lime fairies” invites you get acquainted with our beautiful girls.
Our Australian Shepherd is Medi and Heillo – of carrier of joy, family, loyal friends anytime, anywhere, and home decorations.

The main goal

Kennel “Lime fairies” The main goal is a healthy and fulfilling the standard, stable character Australian shepherd, who looking the best possible home. And always try to make them purchase the people you love, want to preserve and enhance the breed.

Kennel is to be responsible, the highest qualifying, dog breeding and popularization. Each kennel is important to bring out their dogs well-being and quality of life.

So our goal is to reach every breed of superior Australian Shepherd.

Australian Shepherd kennel “Liepų laumės” was registered Federation Cynologique Internacionale (FCI) and Lithuanian Cynological Society (LKD)

Australian Shepherd pedigree

Australian Shepherd pedigree is unclear, because of the name of the variety is misleading. One possible pedigree the story is that which states that the Australian Shepherd comes from a Spanish Basque region. It is estimated that there dogs raised local shepherds. It is likely that these shepherds later emigrated to Australia over the western US coast.

However, it is known that existing Australian Shepherd comes from a United States. This name they got on the association with Basque shepherds who around the year 1800 from Australia came to the United States.

Australian Shepherd dramatically became popular after the Second World War together with the horse. They were valued at US farms and Rance for its versatility, flexibility and ease of obedience.

While every Australian Shepherd differences in coat color and discoloration, they all have a general trait typical of the variety – there are very devoted to their families. These and many other attributes ensured variety popularity to this day.

About Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd is a strong, medium sized dog. It is strong, very agile and fit for physical work all day-long dog breed, which has historically been bred to help people effectively grazing cattle.

Australian shepherds are lovely, warm, soft, independent, alert and confident. Like most dog breeds, this must also be active both physical as well as mental activity, the dog must be busy and not bored.


Australian Shepherds are intelligent working dogs. Have a strong herding instincts and storage. There are loyal companions and should be discouraged, and energy to work all day. It’s good nature, loyal dogs. The unfamiliar people or animals may be a little closed.

General appearance

Australian Shepherd is well balanced dog. The body is slightly longer than the height, type and bone structure of medium size. May be a great variety of colors. There are energetic, curious, perky dog. Moderately muscular build. The coat is of medium length and density. The tail may be normal or slightly curved.


The coat can be straight or wavy, medium length, water-resistant. The undercoat depends on the climate in which the dog lives. Hair straight and short in the head area, on the ears, front legs and below the ankle.


Five things about the Australian Shepherd, you should know:

Australian Shepherd is an energetic dog;
Australian Shepherd is a great herding dog;
Australian Shepherd is dedicated not for everyone;
Australian Shepherd loves gentle behavior;
Australian Shepherd wants to spend more time with you, and as close as possible.

The best three things associated with Australian Shepherd:

Australian Shepherd has a great enthusiasm and energy;
Australian Shepherd is lovely and gentle dog;
Australian Shepherd learns quickly and want to let a lot of time together.

The worst things associated with Australian Shepherd:

Australian Shepherd must have permanent training in one or the other-form;
Australian Shepherd must be looked after;
Australian Shepherd does not like to stay alone and locked;
Australian Shepherds require a lot of attention.

Reasons not to buy Australian Shepherd:

If you think that acquires Australian Shepherd will start to play sports;
If you think that there will be more time in the day;
If you do not like dust, dog hair and touches;
If you can not give him the time required for a day or carry on training.